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Is North Georgia’s Office scene a Ghost Town?


With working from home being the new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and employers have begun to explore what work environments will look like now. Accustomed to the morning commute down Georgia Highway 400 and the 9-5 workday, residents of Forsyth County, GA have taken remote work in stride.


In a recent report done by the National Association of Realtors, Forsyth County took first place amongst best places to work from home in the United States. Brian Paglia of Forsyth County News explained some of the factors that were considered, including population, urbanization, and office-related jobs.


Forsyth County’s population has increased over 21% in the past five years (NAR), with new construction booming in Cumming and Dawsonville. In addition, growth continues to expand north towards Dahlonega, Cleveland, and Helen. To continue some aspects of working in person, companies now need to analyze how to alter office space to accommodate social distancing, whether that is in the workplace or at home.


To aid in changing workspaces, Interior Contract Services (ICS) and Georgia Office Interiors (GOI) serve as a great source for the process, as all components from design to install our covered by one entity. With social distancing being paramount as we develop the structure of work from home integrated with occasional in-person work, cubicles and technology friendly desks and tables are essential in maintaining an efficient work environment.


In addition to social distancing efforts, works spaces are becoming increasingly more modern, aiming to provide comfort and satisfaction to those in the workplace. Even if individuals remain working at home, Interior Contract Services can assist in developing and installing furniture that feels just like a day in the office, including adjustable height work stations. While Forsyth County already ranks first in remote work, the services provided by ICS and GOI can take the level of efficiency and comfort even further in the North Georgia region.


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